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STUNNING is open our door in beautiful and quiet neighborhood in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo.

Luxury and relaxing time is only yours by appointment.


Our service is incorporates minimally-invasive, results oriented, medical grade treatments under the guidance of a licensed therapists and a very well trained staff.


Our motto is to provide only the real thing.

We carefully select materials that truly seek beauty and relaxation content from around the world, incorporating just the best.


In salon care, we pay attention to the living background, such as modern air pollution, the earth and social environment which have a great influence on our bodies. We detox unnecessary things in your bodies and adopting traditional botanical remedies to revitalize your immune system.


Our treatment brings out the potential of your own skin with simple care for healthy skin without any problems.


Expertly trained and skilled therapists provide tailored treatments that focus your unique needs.

This custom approach, along with a caring, friendly environment, creates the ideal place to relax.


We care about wholeness.


Our body and mind is strongly connected to each other.

Your struggle surfaces and causes fatigue and pain.


“It has to be…”  “Why I couldn't do….” 


We always fighting with all those negative thoughts, anxieties, insecurities which our society never stop sending us the message, “You are not enough”.


Our treatments will support deep relaxation.

Relax, to find your real beauty, “who you really are” then let’s go together to what you want to be.

Our goal is to support you to reach the statement “I am enough” to accept your own beauty.


It’s our pleasure to make you shine with confidence when you leave our door, you will feel 'stunning' with your new self.

​Founder. Miyuki S.Sako

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